Digital Sinage and CCTV

We offer an easy to use affordable digital signage for small
to medium sized business. Which can be manage from a tablet or PC. This
solution offer a cost effective installation Ideal for keeping within your
Budget. We provide a large variaty of CCTV systems to suit individual needs.


Webmail, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail – or that supplied by some internet service providers – makes it easy to email using different computers, smartphones and tablets. However, there are risks associated with using internet-based email, some of which are shared with other systems (see Spam & Scam email). Continue reading

Ransom ware

Ransom ware is a form of malware that gives criminals the ability to lock a computer from a remote location – then displays a pop-up window informing the owner that it will not be unlocked until a sum of money is paid. In some cases, the only usable part of the computer is the number keypad to enter a PIN to enable payment to the criminals. Continue reading

Internet Kiosk

Internet kiosk or other publicly available web terminal in schools,
libraries, cafes, hotels, offices, tourist centers and the like. Another
possibility is to use Smart Kiosk for displaying information,
advertisements, pictures or streaming videos to digital signage
deployments. It can also act as a diskless (if booted over a network)
workstation in companies that use browsers as their main working tool,
such as customer support centers.


(including (local only) pick up and return or fix on site)
Price guide
(Essex Halstead Braintree areas requires £ 20 traveling cost)
PC/laptop computer health check £40.00
Support task (any) up to 1 hour £40.00
RAM/Memory upgrade £30.00
(ram not included)
Virus removal
(low infection on a fast PC)
Virus Removal
(high infection on a slow PC)
For some virus infections we may be required to Continue reading


We have quite a simple setup but previously we had struggled to find a support company who provide cover when we needed it, without quoting extortionate amounts of money. Smart I.T. Continue reading